FAQ’s and instructional videos


This page contains answers to commonly asked questions about the Pharmaceuticals Program as well as three instructional videos for when you have questions about the general format of the program, the practicum, as well as how to use this website:

Pharm Video Guidance

Pharm Video Practicum

Core and Elective  Courses
Q – I notice that some of the ‘cores’ also appear on the elective lists. Why is that?
A –We have identified a set of ‘core’ courses that we consider to provide more foundational skills, but the distinction between ‘Core’ and ‘Elective’ is mostly arbitrary.   For example, one could easily take HPM 855 (CE analysis) as a ‘Core’ and EP745 (Pharmaco-epidemiology) as an elective – or vice versa.

Q – Do I have to do two practicums (one for my concentration and one for the Pharm Program)?
A – No.  Just make sure that the practicum includes activities relevant to your concentration and to pharmaceuticals.  All practicums must be approved by the Pharm Program Director.

Q – Is it true that the practicum has to be in the pharmaceutical industry?
A – Absolutely not true.  The practicum can be in any area that involves pharmaceuticals (including vaccines and devices) – and that gives you a lot of options.  We have had students go to WHO, go work with NGOs, work in labs, or do data analyses.  Some even do practicums in industry.

Q – If I take my practicum for 2 (or 3) credits, can I reduce the number of other courses I take?
A – Unfortunately NO. Credit for the practicum cannot be applied to the 12 credits required to earn the Pharm Program certificate. Practicum credits do apply towards your overall total needed to receive your MPH.

Emphasis Areas
Q – My career interest falls outside of these three Emphasis areas.  What should I do?
A – The EAs were developed to provide a guidance for students interested in the most common career pathways.  If you have a different goal, we can help you find a set of electives that make more sense. The EAs are not requirements, they are just roadmaps.

Q – I’m not sure what my future career will be, can I mix and match across different emphasis areas?
A – Of course.  The EAs are just clusters of courses grouped thematically.  You may find that a different combination serves your career goals better – and that’s fine.  Our goal is to provide more options and flexibility and to make the course selection process easier for you.

Certificate Credit Requirements
Q – I want to take more credits than the 12 credit total. Is that OK?
A – By all means.  Just be aware of the need to satisfy your degree and concentration requirements.  Once you’ve done that, it is up to you to tailor your education to best fit your needs.  As much as possible, try to select courses that will also count towards your concentration requirements.

Q – Since some courses are listed both as Cores and Electives, can I double count a course towards the 12 credit total?
A – Nice try, but NO. You must satisfy at least 12 credits from the list of courses here to earn the Pharmaceuticals program certificate.  Also note that credits for the practicum  DO NOT COUNT towards the Pharmaceutical Program Certificate’s total.