Signature Events

The Pharmaceuticals Program hosts a number of events throughout the academic year, including a seminar series and an annual symposium.

The Seminar Series is a series that takes place twice a month on Tuesday evenings. Attendance is required for all students admitted into the Pharmaceuticals Program. In addition to being a forum for ad hoc lectures of topical relevance, the seminar series will host writing workshops, resume building/interview etiquette workshops, and will serve as a forum for students to present works in progress. It is a requirement that students in the Pharmaceuticals Program attend a minimum of 18 seminars (an average of 6 per semester for full-time student finishing the MPH in 3 semesters) to complete the program.

The annual symposium takes place in the spring semester each year and brings together current faculty and students, alumni, and experts working in various capacities in pharmaceuticals.