WHO Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policy

Boston University’s Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD) is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborative Center in Pharmaceutical Policy.

The CGHD is currently collaborating with the WHO in a series of topics such as intellectual property rights, governance and local production of essential medicines and other pharmaceuticals. It also assists WHO in promoting quality of pharmaceutical care in health delivery systems with focus on low- and middle-income countries.

Several students in the BUSPH Pharmaceuticals Program are carrying out their internship with the WHO, which provides them with valuable experience of working at international organizations and supports WHO in various activities.

The WHO Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policy:

  • conducts health and pharmaceutical policy analyses to inform WHO’s Essential Drugs and Medicines Program;
  • develops methods for the evaluation of policy and behavior change interventions; and
  • provides a forum for exchanging global drug policy and pharmaceutical behavior change research results and for identifying new issues in the field. In addition, staff and trainees of the center’s educational programs constitute a rich resource for WHO of scientific personnel available for short-term research activities in member countries.

Visit http://www.bu.edu/cghd/world-health-organization-who-collaborating-center-in-pharmaceutical-policy/ for more information.