Practicum Proposal Form (students matriculated AFTER Fall 2016)

Practicums ideally incorporate aspects of your certificate(s) but are NOT required to do so. Ideally they should address aspects of their chosen certificate(s) but this is not a requirement. Students will be asked to address deliverables which address public health competencies.

Who approves a practicum? The approval will be done by a group of faculty (yet to be finalized) from each department who have agreed to serve as Practicum approvers/reviewers. Certificate Directors will also be able to access to the database.

In the meantime, as we are awaiting the new database (the Practicum Portal), any students who have found a Practicum opportunity and would like to get started soon can fill out the SPH Practicum Proposal Form 2017 and return to Brendan Hoey. The proposal is the first step in the process, and he will upload the information into the new Practicum Portal when it is ready.

Part-time students: Part-time students have the same 240 hr Practicum requirement as full-time students. They can do something at their workplace if working full-time, but it must not be within the scope of responsibilities of their job. It is recommended that they seek out a practicum opportunity in another department, should they choose to do something at their current workplace.