Resources for Your PhD Students

PDPA offers a wide range of resources to bolster the professional development of BU doctoral students. We encourage you to share and make use of these resources with your students.

  • PhD Progression is an innovative asynchronous online training program that provides BU doctoral students with modules, or badges, to support their career and professional development throughout their doctoral journey. PDPA also hosts regular synchronous Learning Communities as a supplement to the program’s asynchronous learning.
  • Skillsmatch is a skill inventorying tool. It helps BU doctoral students identify their existing skills, suggests compatible careers to explore, and offers personalized PhD Progression badge recommendations to address skill gaps.
  • PhD Writing Support fosters a cross-disciplinary community to assist BU doctoral students in setting realistic goals and making steady progress towards their writing objectives. The program offers various writing programs throughout the year, such as Dissertation Writing Group, Accountability Partners, Workshop Circles in Spring and Fall, and Dissertation Writing Institute and Dissertation Writing Intensive in Summer and Winter.
  • Professional Development Grants offer financial support to current BU doctoral students for their professional development activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, attending workshops or short courses that aim to enhance their research, teaching, or professional skills.
  • Vitamin PhD is a podcast hosted by BU PhD students that delivers career narratives, skills know-how, and insightful interviews with doctorate holders from various sectors. It offers tips to navigate graduate school for BU doctoral students.
  • Workshops & Events are organized throughout the academic year to facilitate networking opportunities for BU doctoral students and foster their personal and professional growth.
  • 21 Days of Unlearning Racism/Learning Anti Racism is an interactive program where BU doctoral students can engage with anti-racist texts and multimedia content over a period of 21 days. The program operates asynchronously with participants exploring the materials each day at their own pace.
  • PhD Office Hours provide BU doctoral students a dedicated space to interact with PDPA staff, where they can seek advice on various aspects of their academic and professional journey. PDPA staff also help connect BU doctoral students to resources within and beyond BU.