Workshops & Events

Professional Development and Postdoctoral Affairs (PDPA) offers a variety of workshops, panels, and other events to guide doctoral students in their career development. Information on and recordings of select past events & workshops can be found on this page.

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Writing a CV

Tuesday, March 28, 11 am – 12 pm

A Curriculum Vitae or CV is a comprehensive scholarly record, which includes your research experience, teaching and mentoring experience, publication record, and more. It is a vital document for applying to academic and academic-adjacent positions during and after your PhD. We recommend having a comprehensive CV that lists all of your experience, which you can shorten for specific opportunities as needed. In this workshop we will explain the conventions of a CV as well as how to convert a CV to a resume. Register

Teaching Statement

Tuesday, April 4, 11 am – 12 pm

The Teaching Statement is a description of your teaching philosophy, accomplishments, and a discussion of potential of your teaching for the future. It is a common part of academic job applications that allows you to share how enthusiastic you are about your teaching and how you envision your growth as an educator. During this one hour workshop, you will learn about the main purpose and contents of a teaching philosophy statement, and will get tips about how to format, organize, write and revise your teaching statements. Register

Time Management

Wednesday, April 5, 1:30-2:30 pm

At times, it might feel like procrastination keeps you from truly accomplishing what’s most important to you. This workshop will help you reflect on how you prioritize, learn task-management and motivation strategies, and understand the importance of self-care and allowing yourself breaks. You will learn techniques for setting goals and priorities and approaches for working more efficiently and effectively. Register

Imposter Syndrome Workshop (in-person)

Thursday, April 6, 12-1 pm

If you have ever felt like an intellectual fraud, you are not alone! Many accomplished people have felt like an impostor at some point. In this interactive workshop, students will learn about the causes of impostor syndrome and the five types of impostor syndrome. Participants will learn a variety of techniques they can personalize to lessen the impact of impostor syndrome and gain greater confidence in their academic and professional life. This workshop is only offered in-person. Register

Diversity Statement

Tuesday, April 11, 11 am – 12 pm

This workshop will guide participants through the process of crafting a compelling diversity statement for a faculty job application. Participants will learn about the importance of diversity in academic settings, the different components of a diversity statement, and strategies for effectively communicating their experiences and perspectives related to diversity. Through interactive exercises participants will leave the workshop with a solid understanding of how to effectively showcase their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their job application. Register

Social Identities (in-person)

Thursday, April 13, 12-1 pm, Kilachand Center, 106B

This workshop invites students to reflect on the many identities that encompass who they are (e.g., nationality, ethnicity, class), and how those identities influence their sense of self and how they’re perceived in the world. Human beings are simultaneously individuals and members of communities, and this workshop will encourage participants to reflect on this active dynamic in their own lives. This workshop is offered fully in-person but please register via Zoom. Register