PhD Progression – Level 2 Career Development Pathway now available!

PhD Progression is an online micro-credentialing platform designed specifically for PhD students at Boston University. The platform creates a framework for students to explore, build, and apply skills outlined in the PhD Core Capacities.

Through the acquisition of digital badges connected to activities and assessments recorded on the Badgr pro platform, you will be able to plan, monitor, and share your progress through scaffolded learning pathways in two Levels. Level 1 focuses on Skill Exploration and Level 2 focuses on Skill Development,

Career Development starts with exploration (L1) and moves on to preparation, with the creation of job documents and building an understanding of the job search and application process. The badges in the Level 2 Career Development pathway will enable you to develop an understanding of the components and steps of the job application process, build a plan for developing skills you need for your chosen career and understand how to translate those skills to a variety of fields, strategically build your network while learning about potential career pathways, and develop essential job documents for both academic and non-academic careers.

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