21 Days of Unlearning Racism and Learning Anti-Racism

PDPA remains committed to building opportunities for inclusive doctoral and postdoctoral professional development. In order to better prepare members of our community for participating in a more diverse, equitable academic environment, this year we are inviting you to join us again for “21 Days of Unlearning Racism and Learning Anti-racism,” which will begin on February 1, 2022 and run until March 1, in alignment with Black History Month (we will not send content on weekends). This asynchronous program is based on work developed by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and provides an opportunity for you to engage directly in anti-racist texts and multi-media each day for 21 days. For some of you, this may be indicative of work you are already engaged in. For others, this may represent exploration and discovery. We hope there will be learning and unlearning that will support all of us.  Register here

The resources provided in this version of the 21 Days are generally focused on Anti-Black racism. The content is geared toward white and NBPOC learners and is also designed to include valuable resources for individuals who identify as Black Indigenous and Brown People of Color. We hope that everyone can find spaces for learning and action in the program’s resources. In summer 2022 we will be running our 21 Day program focused on racism in Higher Education. 

How this program works

Starting February 1, you will receive reminder emails for each day, to help you stay engaged. Choose the things that interest and motivate you from our collection of resources and topics. For those that wish to explore your own resources or take a deeper dive into other topics on a particular day, that is okay too. 

For each day, there will be 2-3 “levels” of resource options available, allowing you to choose where to start. The levels are organized by the complexity of the resources, as well as the time commitment.

Content will be released five days at a time. This will allow us to receive your feedback along the way, so that the community can shape the resources alongside us. You can submit feedback throughout the 21 days by emailing us at gradpd@bu.edu

Throughout the 21 Days of Unlearning Racism and Learning Anti-Racism, we will host a series of Community Conversations where we will be holding space for you to come together to process what you are learning and your reactions to this experience. These will take place on Feb 8, 15, 22, and March 1, from 4:30-5:30. You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions. Register