Policies and Procedures for PDC Lab

Precision Diagnostics Center Uniform Policies and Procedures for Shared Instrumentation Facilities

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to support state of the art research and teaching endeavors in Precision Medicine. This includes creating a center of excellence in the field by creating and supporting strong, agile and innovative teams of researchers to create new technologies, translate them into the clinic, and train students and post-doctoral researchers to strengthen the field.

(1) Users will undergo instrument-specific training before they are given access to the facilities. The PDC facilities will be available on a 24/7 basis to certified users. Charges allow us to maintain the current state of the facilities, and continue to provide the best services to support research and education.

(2) The PDC consists of ERB 720, 702, and B03. Note that B03 is a BSL2+ space and users must meet this requirement prior to working in the space.

Covid-19 Related Policies:

1. Users are required to wear face masks at all times. Users may choose to wear gloves, but gloves must be sanitized using a 70% ethanol solution prior to touching/operating the instrument.
2. Users must reserve an instrument before use. Each reservation must be 30 minutes or longer and must have a 30-minute idle time between reservations.
3. Surfaces such as keyboard, mouse, knobs and buttons must be wiped down BY THE USER BEFORE AND AFTER use. Users must spray 70% ethanol solution onto a paper towel or kim wipe prior to wiping down each instrument. Direct spraying of the instrument can damage the equipment.
4. All users must practice social distancing protocols. The responsibility is on the users to separate themselves 6 feet between each other within the facility to isolate themselves from other users.
5. If there is a designated travel path through the facility, users must follow this path to enter and exit the facility.
6. Before exiting the facility, users must take off their gloves and use the sink next to the exit to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds.
7. *Until Further Notice from Research Compliance: In-person instrument training is not allowed by users within the space and or by Lab Managers/Instructors/PDC Lab Staff.


For the Complete PDC Core Facility Policies and Procedures download here.