The cardholder is responsible for using the card in a manner consistent with the Boston University policy. The cardholder must not allow another individual to use the card, or card number, for making purchases. The cardholder must reconcile their card transactions on a monthly basis, and report any disputed transactions promptly. Any misuse or mismanagement of the card will result in card suspension.


The approver is responsible for ensuring that the card is used appropriately by each cardholder they oversee. The role of the approver is to certify each purchase as appropriate, compliant, and accurate, and to ensure that the purchase was properly received. It is the approvers responsibility to notify the P-Card Coordinator/Administrator of any employee separation immediately, or in advance of such separation, if possible. The approver must approve transactions on a monthly basis. Any transactions that are not dealt with in an expedient manner will result in card suspension for the cardholder.