Stipend Recipient Information

Boston University provides two types of stipend payments to students:

Service Stipends are paid weekly and are processed through the Student Employment Office. For tax purposes, service stipends are considered earned income and the university will withhold and report the earnings per IRS guidelines.

Non-Service Stipends are paid on the fourth Friday of each month and are processed by each school’s financial aid coordinator.

  • For US citizens and resident aliens, these stipends are not considered earned income and therefore Boston University does not withhold taxes from the payments and the stipend will not be listed on a W-2 form. Nevertheless, students are responsible for reporting the stipend to the IRS.
  • For non-resident aliens, non-service stipends are reported on a 1042-S form and are subject to 14% withholding per IRS guidelines. Students should contact to determine if they are eligible for a tax treaty to exempt them from the 14% withholding. More information for foreign national students can be found here.