Travel grants for LA students announced

At this time, we are able to announce the applicants from Latin America that we are able to fund to attend this PASI, thanks to NSF award OISE-1036435.  We would like to extend to all the interested students who cannot be offered support at this time our sincerest expression of regret.  Hopefully, some of you may be able to find support from another source to attend. If this were the case, we will be able to offer a waiver of the registration fees for these students/postdocs.

The selected applicants for a travel grant are listed below. The travel grant consists of US$1000 towards air fare from Mexico and US$300 towards air fare from Argentina, plus a per-diem allowance of $120 capped at $1200.  Please note that these travel grants are capped, which means that if your travel cost were to be higher than the grant amount, you are expected to obtain supplementary funding from your supervisor or another source.

Name and position Supervisor and institution Background
Bursztyn, Gabriel
PhD student

Comp Sc (2009)

Alejandro Otero

Universidad de Buenos Aires

He has experience with a variety of programming languages including C++, parallel programming with OpenMP and knowledge of Ccomputational Fluid Dynamics, currently using finite element and spectral methods. He has taken courses on OpenMP and MPI and will extend his research codes to a parallel version during the PhD.
Cosimo, Alejandro
PhD student

Informatics Eng (2009)

Alberto Cardona

International Center for Computational Methods in Engineering (CIMEC), Universidad Nacional del Litoral, AR

He is well-versed in various programming languages including Python, and is now working on modeling the mechanical behavior of welded unions in nuclear power plants.  He did a 3-month culturale exchange program in South Africa.
García-Cano, Edgar
MSc student

Comp Eng (2005)

Katya Rodríguez

Research Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS), UNAM

He is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and also has experience as Unix system administrator. Previously, he worked in several computing projects involving finacial processes and web systems. His MSc research involves evolutionary computing, in which large amounts of data is searched, which could be amenable to acceleration on GPUs.
Garelli Luciano
PhD student

Aero & Mech Eng (2005)

Mario A. Storti

International Center for Computational Methods in Engineering (CIMEC), Universidad Nacional del Litoral, AR

Worked for a year at Lockheed Martin Argentina, before starting his PhD in Engineering Sciences, specializing in computational mechanics.  His research is focused on fluid-structure interactions in supersonic and hypersonic conditions. He has taken several courses on numerical methods, algorithms and data structures in C++ and HPC, and has two published journal papers on Comp. Fluids and several conference presentations.
Kler, Pablo A.
PhD student

Bio Eng (2006)

Fabio A. Guarnieri

International Center for Computational Methods in Engineering (CIMEC), Universidad Nacional del Litoral, AR

His research is centered on developing techniques for design of Lab-on-a-Chip devices, by multi-physics modeling (fluid and mass transport, electric fields and chemical reactions).  He uses the finite element method, FEM, with parallel applications using MPI and PETSc, and wishes to improve his skills, including MPI, OpenMP and GPU computing.
Miranda, Natalia Carolina
PhD student

Comp Sc (2005)

Edgar Leonel Chavez

Universidad Nacional de San Luis

Her current PhD topic is “Getting robust signature for multimedia objects in real-time using a parallel GPU-CPU architecture”.  It involves developing tools with the ability to pair audio signals of the same perceptual nature, by extracting audio fingerprints. Has taken several courses in parallel computing, digital media, graphics, machine learning and others.
Monsivais Velazquez, Daniel
MSc student

Physics (2006)

Luis Miguel De la Cruz Salas


He is following two Master’s programs, one in non-linear dynamics and complex systems and one in computer science, for which he is writing the thesis. It is focused on evaluating various architectures and methods for porous media. He knows a variety of programming languages, including C/C++, fortrana and Python, and also dMPI, OpenMP, and some self-taught CUDA
Muñoz Flores, Antonio
MSc student

Chem Eng (1993)

Suemi Rodriguez Romo

Research Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS), UNAM

He worked as process engineer, technical advisor, and manager consultatnt at various stages before starting graduate study.  He is currently a student working on lattice Boltzmann method for multiphase flows, with GPUs as part of his MSc thesis project. His application of interest is the behavior of gas-liquid mixtures flowing through membrane micropores, with focus on app;lications in hydrogen cells.
Piedra, Saul
MSc student

ElecMech Eng (2009)

Eduardo Ramos

Center for Energy Research, UNAM

He is working on computational fluid dynamics with immersed boundary methods and is a C/C++ programmer. His research is focused on bubbly flows, using front-tracking methods and he is extending an existing 2D code to 3D, realizing in this case the computational time will be too long; this has brought him to consider GPUs to accelerate the codes.
Ribero Vairo, Melisa
PhD student

Civil Eng (2005)

Anibal Mirasso

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, AR

At the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Seismic Risk, she is currently working on FEA and wishes to extend the codes to parallel systems. She is also interested in biomechanics, especially mechanical properties of living tissue.  She is mostly a Matlab programmer, but has some knowledge of Fortran and C. Her lab is planning to add GPUs to an existing cluster.
Rivero Corona, Michel Alejandro
PhD student

MSc Mech Eng 2008

Sergio Cuevas Garcia


Is working on magnetohydrodynamics, MHD, including experimental work, and electromagnetic processing of materials. Has several conference presentations, mainly in Mexico, but two abroad:  APS 2010 and IUTAM Enmark 2008. In his MSc thesis, he developed an MHD pump, and is now studying mixing and stirring of liquid metal.
Ruestes, Carlos
PhD student

Aero Eng (2005)

Eduardo Bringa

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, AR

His interests include molecular dynamics, multi-scale simulation; currently uses LAMMPS including the GPU version and thus wishes to learn coding for the GPU.
Tago Pacheco, Josue
PhD student

MSc Comp Sc (2007)

Victor Cruz Atienza

Institute of Geophysics, UNAM

As PhD research, he is working on earthquake modeling, wave attenuation and dynamic rupture, using discontinuous Galerkin methods.  He programs in C++, Java and fortran and knows MPI and OpenMP. He has developed code solving 3D elastodynamics with DGM, and in 2D with spectral methods. He is familiar with domain decomposition and finite element methods, and has presented his work at conferences both in Mexico and abroad.
Zavala, Emilio
MSc student

Geoph. Eng. (2007)

Ismael Herrera


Ample programming experience, including C++, fortran and Matlab, OpenMP and MPI. He worked for 3 years in airborne geophysics operations, processing magnetrometry, electromagenetic data. He is currently working on multiphase flow in porous media for enhanced oil recovery, but also has a deep interest in sustainable energy sources.

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