Special Permits

Carpool & Vanpool Permits

All carpool applicants must be current University affiliates and eligible for a Blue (Student) or Green (Faculty/Staff) permit. To obtain a carpool permit, all members must apply in person simultaneously.

  • Faculty and staff are eligible to have their portion of the permit deducted through payroll or to pay for the pass in full by cash, credit card, or check.
  • Students must pay for the permit at the time they apply for the permit.

If there are any changes in membership, please let our office know so that charges can be adjusted accordingly. In some cases, the return of the permit may be warranted.

Handicap Permits

To qualify for the purchase of a Handicapped Parking permit, the permit applicant must do one of the following:

  • Provide Parking & Transportation Services with an HP placard or vehicle registration
  • Contact Disability Services to obtain certification of their disability. You can contact Disability Services at 617-353-3658 or visit their office at 19 Deerfield Street.

Handicapped Parking is provided in all lots on campus.

Motorcycle Permits

  • Motorcycle permits are required and must be displayed on all state-registered vehicles that fall within that class.
  • Current Green permit holders are eligible for a free motorcycle permit.
  • Students may purchase a motorcycle permit for the full permit value at time of purchase.
  • Motorcycle permits are available for purchase at Parking & Transportation Services, located on the first floor of 1019 Commonwealth Avenue.