Employee Non-deduction and Student Flex Permit Account Setup

After you have applied for a Student Flex or Employee Non-deduction Flex Permit in the Transportation Management Portal, please follow the instructions below to set up your Daily Parking Account:

  1. Open a web browser and go to: https://bu.parcval.com/MiParc
  2. Select Register
  3. Enter the required information and agree to terms and conditions (note: you must select “Boston University” under Facility(s) even though it is the only option listed). Please make note of your username and password for later use.
  4. Select Register
  5. Wait for receipt of email confirming registration approval (may take up to 1 business day)


After receiving confirmation email:

  1. Log in using your new Daily Parking Account username and password
  2. Select Pay Debit Bill
  3. Enter your daily parking rate ($8 for employees, $12 for students)*
  4. Enter your credit card information
  5. Select Save this card **
  6. Select Continue to advance to the next page
  7. Select Log out from the top right corner of the screen

Student Flex/Employee Flex Non-Payroll Permit holders may park in these locations.

*This amount will be charged to your credit card and will pay for your first day of parking.

**Failure to select “Save this card” will result in an account that is not automatically replenished and you will be denied entry at parking facilities after your first day of parking. This payment system is secure, encrypted, and PCI compliant.