Regulations, Towing & Enforcement

If Towed

If you believe that your vehicle has been towed, please visit the City of Boston’s towing website to verify if the vehicle has been towed or call the Boston Tow Line at (617) 343-4629.

View our Parking Permit Policies and Procedures brochure

Permit Parking Regulations

Boston University offers a variety of parking options designed to meet the needs of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To keep the University’s parking system running smoothly, safe driving and the judicious enforcement of the following parking rules and regulations are therefore necessary at all times:

Permit Use

  • Drivers must display either a valid parking permit or cash ticket within their vehicles when parked in any University space or facility.
  • University parking permits are for use on University property. Many areas in the vicinity of our campus are governed by municipal authorities, where University parking permits are not valid.
  • Current permits must be permanently affixed and prominently displayed to a stationary driver’s-side rear window or on a University-provided hanger.
  • With the exception of a carpool permit issued by Parking & Transportation Services, a person may purchase a maximum of one permit, which is not transferable. Permits found within vehicles for which they have not been issued are considered stolen. Such permits will be confiscated and the vehicle will be towed, without notice, at the owner’s risk and expense. Multiple vehicles may be registered to a single permit, but a permit entitles the bearer to park only one vehicle on campus at a time. If more than one vehicle is parked on campus at the same time, the vehicle without a permit will be subject to towing and fines.
  • Falsifying parking permits will result in immediate revocation of all parking privileges, confiscation of the falsified permit(s) by the Boston University Police Department, towing of the vehicle, possible prosecution, and disciplinary action. For employees, disciplinary action may include the imposition of fines, restitution, and termination of employment. Student offenders will be referred to Judicial Affairs & Student Safety Programs for review and investigation under the Code of Student Responsibilities. Disciplinary action may include sanctions, such as University suspension, and the imposition of fines and restitution.

Substitute Vehicles

  • If you are a permit holder in good standing and during an emergency you use a vehicle not registered with Parking & Transportation Services or, for any reason, cannot display your permit within your vehicle, you must park at one of the attended lots and request a Substitute Vehicle Form from the parking lot attendant. (See map for list of attended lots.)
  • If you anticipate using your substitute vehicle for more than a week, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 617-353-2160.
  • Notes are not an acceptable form of notification for a substitute vehicle. Even with a note, unregistered vehicles may run the risk of being towed.

Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space will always be available on campus in the most convenient location. It may be necessary to move your vehicle at the request of Parking & Transportation Services to accommodate major University events, construction projects, and unforeseen circumstances. The unavailability of a convenient parking location, severe weather, or running late for a class or meeting are not considered valid excuses for violating any parking regulations. All University parking spaces are clearly identified by either signs or pavement markings. If an area is not specifically marked for parking, you should assume that you cannot park there.

Liability: Boston University assumes no responsibility for vehicle damage, theft, or theft of vehicle contents when the vehicle is parked on University property.