Guaranteed Ride Home

Charles River Campus faculty and staff Guaranteed Ride Home Program

BU Medical Campus faculty and staff Emergency Ride Home Program

Would you consider another mode of transportation, but you’re afraid of being stranded at work when there’s an emergency at home or you have to work late unexpectedly?  With the Guaranteed Ride Home program you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride on transit, in a carpool or vanpool, walking or bicycling to work knowing that if plans should unexpectedly change you are covered – guaranteed.  When enrolled in the program and an emergency arises, you can simply make a phone call and the TMA will cover your costs for your trip including gas, tolls and gratuity, with no distance limits!

Any BU employee who does not drive alone to work may use the program. Employees are eligible for up to six rides per year.

The program may be used in any of these circumstances:

  • Personal illness or emergency
  • Family illness or emergency
  • Unscheduled or unplanned overtime
  • Cyclists whose bike is damaged on the way to work and public transit is not available within 30 minutes when you need to travel.

The GRH does NOT apply during these conditions:

  • Weather delays or disasters
  • Travel from home to work
  • MBTA or other transit delays or disruptions
  • Construction disruption to normal commuting method
  • Building evacuations
  • Scheduled meetings, scheduled overtime, or events taking place after normal business hours

How Does The Program Work?

  • Visit the Allston Brighton TMA website for program details for Charles River faculty and staff
  • Visit the TranSComm TMA website for program details for BU Medical Campus faculty and staff