Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Boston University has 40 Chargepoint electric vehicle (EV) charging ports. They are located in 7 CRC and 2 BUMC garages:

Facility Details # of Ports
Agganis Arena Garage (A) P1 near East Elevators 4
Langsam Garage (B) 2 next to garage entrance, 1 in Row D, 1 in Row E 4
Essex Garage (F) Bottom of ramp on right 2*
730/750 Commonwealth Ave (Q) Lower level, through roll-up door, under 730 2*
Warren Towers Garage (K) Ground Level, West side 2*
575 Commonwealth Ave. (L) Rows D & E of garage on west side 2*
Hariri Building Garage (M) P1 level of garage on left near west elevators 2*
610 Albany St. Garage (BUMC) Ground Level, special access required 14
710 Albany St. Garage (BUMC) 1st Level 8

*only visible to those who have connected to Boston University on the Chargepoint app.

Before you attempt to charge your vehicle on campus:

  1. Register for a ChargePoint account and provide your credit card details
  2. Download the ChargePoint app.
  3. Connect to “Boston University” on the Chargepoint app (BU community members only)
  4. Join the BU Electric Vehicle (EV) Users group on Microsoft Teams (BU community members only)

To charge your vehicle on campus:

  1. After pulling into a Charles River Campus space designated for electric vehicle charging,
    • tap your ChargePoint card on the station’s reader symbol to authorize your card and unlock the plug from the holster OR start a charging session through the Chargepoint app
    • remove the charging connector and plug it into your EV
  2. You will be charged $0.25 per hour, prorated by the minute. There is a 4 hour charging/parking limit in EV spaces. Those who violate this policy and exceed the time limit will be charged $6.00 per hour after four hours.
  3. When returning to your vehicle,
    • tap your ChargePoint card on the station’s reader symbol OR use the Chargepoint app to confirm you want to end your charging session
    • remove the charging connector from your EV and return it to its holster
  4. The station will display the duration and cost of your charging session.

Please note that permit lot restrictions remain in effect for the use of Charging Stations within any permit-only lots and garages.

Boston University community members and guests without University parking permits may pay the posted rate at the Langsam Garage (Lot B) and the Agganis Arena Garage (Lot A) in order to gain access to charging stations located within these facilities, provided they have a registered ChargePoint account.