Commute Better Together

Commute to work with other BU Charles River Campus employees and save time, money and stress.

How? With these great benefits:Green Permit Commuters

  • 50% discounted parking with a Carpool Permit (relative to the Commuter Permit);
  • Remaining permit costs are split equally among group through pre-tax payroll deduction (you’ll save over $1,500 annually by commuting with one colleague);
  • Designated parking space on the BU Charles River campus.
  • $50 gasoline card for each of the first three months from Allston-Brighton TMA; and

Sometimes commuting schedules don’t match. Whether planned or unexpected, members of each group have access to:

  • Daily parking passes: purchase daily parking passes from us for $10.00 each (up to 12 per year)!
  • You won’t be stranded at work with Guaranteed Ride Home – six free Uber rides from work per year in the event you have an illness or emergency while at work, unplanned overtime, or if the driver of your group has to leave work early.

Interested but not sure how to find other commuters? Create a profile on GoMassCommute to see a map of other BU commuters who live near you and want to carpool. Need help setting up your profile? Here’s a BU-specific how-to guide.

How does your commuting cost compare? Each member can save over $1,500 annually in parking plus time and frustration spent hunting for a parking space by not driving alone to BU.

Want to save even more? Don’t stop at two! How many seats do you have in your car?

Have questions about the program? Let us know how we can help you!

Ready to Commute Better Together? Be sure to review the Terms of the program first. If carpooling seems like a good fit, log in to the Transportation Management Portal and select “Start a Carpool.”