Bike Commuter Reimbursement Benefit Process

2022 Benefit Process

Before January 9th, 2023:

1  Apply for the 2022 Benefit

Applying is easy. Simply log in to BUworks and click on the Employee Self-Service tab. Then click Campus Services and choose “Apply for Bicycle Expense Reimbursement” from your respective campus’s Parking and Transportation Services section. You will be asked to attest to which months should be counted as “Qualified Bicycle Commuting Months” — months in which you were employed by BU and had neither a BU-subsidized transit pass nor a BU parking permit (except the Flex Permit).

You must apply before January 9th if you intend to claim a bike reimbursement during any month of the calendar year.

Once you have applied, no further action can be taken until January 16th (see below).

Between January 16th and March 31st, 2023:

2  Set up a P&A Group login

Signing up for a login will allow you to submit your claims online and use the website to check account balances and the status of claims.

To set up a P&A Group login:

    • Go to the P&A Group website and select “Log In” (as a “Participant” in a “Reimbursement Benefit”).
    • At the bottom of the page, within “My Benefits Account Login”, click on “First time logging in? Sign up here.”
    • When prompted to enter your “SSN or P&A Member ID,” you should provide your University ID# instead (including the ‘U’ but no spaces or dashes)
    • If asked for your ZIP code, provide the ZIP code for your home address.

Employees who have already set up an online account with P&A Group for another benefit through the University (including previous years’ Bicycle Commuter Reimbursement Benefits) do not need to register again and may use their current login credentials to gain access.

3  Enroll in P&A Group Direct Deposit

In order to be reimbursed, you must enroll in direct deposit. This allows P&A Group to deposit your reimbursement directly into your designated checking or savings account. To enroll in direct deposit, log into your secure P&A My Benefits Account at Under the Quick Links menu, select Direct Deposit and enter your banking information.

If you are currently enrolled in direct deposit with another P&A plan, you do not need to enroll again. This is not the same as the BU Payroll direct deposit.

4  Submit Receipts for Reimbursement

Receipts for 2021 bike-related purchases may be submitted to P&A Group between January 16 and March 31, 2023 for review and approval. The total dollar value you are eligible for will be calculated and paid against eligible expenses on receipts you have submitted.

Choose from one of the three easy options below to receive reimbursement for your bike commute expenses:

    1. QuikClaim
      Instantly submit claims and receipts directly from your smartphone. Log into your account at from your mobile device by selecting Account Login and following the prompts on your screen.
    2. Electronic Claim Upload
      Upload claims through P&A’s website when logging into your P&A Group account. Select Upload a Claim under the Member Tools tab.
    3. Fax or Mail a Paper Claim
      Complete a claim form (PDF) and fax or mail it to P&A Group
      FAX: (877) 855-7105
      MAIL: P&A Group
      17 Court Street
      Suite 500
      Buffalo, NY 14202

, 2023

5 Payment

P&A Group will issue reimbursements via Direct Deposit in mid-April. Federal, state, and FICA taxes will be withheld on the amount of the reimbursement from your pay once you have been issued the reimbursement.

Customer Service

Call (800) 688-2611 to speak with a representative or use P&A Group’s online chat at (click the live chat button in the upper right hand corner). Customer service hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Boston University will verify information provided through the Enrollment & Attestation form. Boston University and P&A Group reserve the right to interpret compliance with internal established guidelines. False or ineligible claims will result in an expense or expenses not being reimbursable. Reimbursements are taxable income. Federal, state, and FICA taxes will be withheld on the amount of the reimbursement from your pay once you have been issued the reimbursement. Employees must be current Boston University employees at time of reimbursement.