CCDS Secure Bike Shelter to Open 5/1

in Transportation News
April 27th, 2023

You’ve been asking about it: the new secure bike shelter at the Center for Computing & Data Sciences at 665 Commonwealth Ave is officially opening on Monday, May 1st and you can apply for access now.

Just remember some of the key rules about Boston University’s secure bike rooms:

  • Always lock your bike.
  • Bikes that are unlocked or appear to be abandoned may be removed.
  • All bike room access expires annually on 5/31.
  • Only those employed by Boston University or enrolled in classes over the summer may store bikes on campus between May 31st and August 20th.
  • Storage of gasoline-powered vehicles is prohibited.
  • Boston University is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Suspicious activity should be reported to BUPD immediately (617-353-2121).
  • Do not prop the doors open or allow others to follow you in to the bike shelter.
  • Registration of bicycles with Boston University is strongly recommended.

A few notes about the Data Sciences bike shelter:

  • It’s got sheltered, secure space for 76 bikes.
  • Access for those who apply now will expire on 5/31/24
  • The”inverted-U”-style racks on either end are intended for folks whose bicycles do not fit on the two-tier racks. Please use the two-tier racks if possible.
  • The new shelter has a bike repair station with tools and soon there’ll be a pump, too!
  • The two-tier racks have a “lift assist” so putting your bike up on the upper level is easy

How to use the upper level of two-tier racks: