CRC Employees may now order a 2021-2022 Virtual Parking Permit

in Transportation News
July 21st, 2021

There are some big changes coming on August 2nd with the start of the 2021-2022 Parking Permit year:

  • We are shifting entirely to “Virtual Parking Permits.” Your license plate is now your credential. No need to pick up a sticker and display it in your windshield!
  • All parking permits will be managed via the new Transportation Management Portal (TMP). This includes ordering permits, canceling permits, and updating vehicle information.
  • Some permit names are changing. The “Green Permit,” for instance, is now the “Commuter Permit” and the “Daily Parking Program”/”Red Permit” is now the “Flex Permit.”
  • Daily parking (via the Flex Permit) will get much easier. Instead of paying with a credit card and being restricted to six garages, Flex Permits are now payable via pre-tax payroll deduction and allow for parking campus-wide.
  • The Transportation Management Portal is open NOW for ordering of 2021-2022 employee permits and will open soon for students, too!

Remember: employee permits expire on August 1st.

To continue parking on campus from August 2nd onward, you MUST log in to the Transportation Management Portal to order a new permit.

Learn more on our Employee Parking Permit webpage.