Parents Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program serves to nurture a strong community of Boston University parents. The goal of Parent Ambassadors is to keep the BU spirit strong on campus and at home. Ambassadors are supported by the Dean of Students’ Office.

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How to get involved as an Ambassador

  • Attend Summer Orientation (June/July/August) to connect with parents of incoming freshmen and answer questions and share your experience as a current BU parent

  • Host a BU Parent reception for current parents, Parents Program staff, and Dean of Students staff to allow current parents the opportunity to connect with members of the BU community off-campus.

  • Support Alternative Service Breaks groups (December/March) by providing overnight accommodations, donating gas cards, restaurant, or grocery store gift cards, or providing students with a home cooked meal.

  • Attend Admitted Student Admissions receptions (March/April) to share your personal BU experience with prospective parents in your area.

Application form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with BU’s Parent Ambassador Program. Please fill out the form below to be informed via email about upcoming volunteer opportunities. Items with an * are required.