International Studies

The Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University supports multidisciplinary, world-class scholarship; outstanding undergraduate and graduate education and training; and active public engagement on international and global affairs.

The Pardee School combines a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to take on global challenges to human progress and well-being. These challenges include security and war and peace; foreign policy; economic, human, and political development; international and comparative political economy; environmental, economic, and societal sustainability; governance and institutions; and religion and culture.

Research of Pardee School faculty reflects a deep understanding of individual academic disciplines, while simultaneously working to bridge the divides between them and between scholars and practitioners. The school’s center of gravity resides in the social and policy sciences, but it maintains close linkages with approaches in the humanities as well as the natural and computational sciences.

These scholarly approaches exist not in isolation from each other but in continuous intellectual dialogue. Faculty research spans the theoretical and the empirical, the conceptual and the applied. It is academically rigorous, problem-focused, policy-relevant, and informed by an appreciation of culture and history.

The Pardee School’s pedagogical approach itself is global, taking students beyond the confines of any single campus or culture. Through its multifaceted and integrated curricula, study abroad, and other direct connections with the world, the Pardee School aims to help students develop truly global competence. Academic programs allow students to specialize in a wide range of topics that cross disciplines, cultures, and history. Programs combine undergraduate and graduate liberal arts education in global studies with a vibrant set of professional master’s degree programs.