Masachs Boungou


Masachs Boungou is a lecturer of Africa in international politics in the Pardee School at Boston University. Masachs received his PhD in Global Studies from the University of Massachusetts Lowell after completing his dual master’s degree in Coexistence and Conflict Studies and Sustainable International Development at the Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social and Policy Management.

Masachs’ research focuses on the intersection of conflict experiences and entrepreneurialism, conflict resolution styles, and youth economic empowerment in Africa. His dissertation, “Exploring the influence of conflict experiences in understanding entrepreneurialism, personality traits, and personal stories among sub-Saharan African immigrants,” documented the stories of how sub-Saharan African immigrants who survived civil wars and/or genocide used such experiences to fuel their entrepreneurial drive, business leadership, and success in America.

Masachs is a Fulbright Alum, the author of The Power of Personal History: Turning one’s life tragedies into triumph, a keynote speaker, a social entrepreneur, and a business consultant. Drawn from his dissertation, Masachs designs and implements his personal history telling model and a two-day workshop on the strategic use of personal history of tragedy in business leadership and success.


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