Pardee Faculty Book Talk: Professor Betty Anderson

  • Starts: 12:00 pm on Monday, January 23, 2017
Join us for a book talk with Betty Anderson, Associate Professor of History, Director, Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations and author of "A History of the Modern Middle East: Rulers, Rogues, and Rebels." A History of the Modern Middle East offers a comprehensive assessment of the region, stretching from the fourteenth century and the founding of the Ottoman and Safavid empires through to the present-day protests and upheavals. Enriched by the perspectives of workers and professionals; urban merchants and provincial notables; slaves, students, women, and peasants, as well as political leaders, the book maps the complex social interrelationships and provides a pivotal understanding of the shifting shapes of governance and trajectories of social change in the Middle East.
152 Bay State Road