Workshop: Mortgage Across Cultures-Land, Finance & Epistemology

  • Starts: 10:00 am on Thursday, April 14, 2016
  • Ends: 3:00 pm on Thursday, April 14, 2016
You are invited to attend the BU CFLP Financial Inclusion workshop "Mortgage across Cultures: Land, Finance, & Epistemology." The event takes place on April 14, 10am-3:00pm, with a Keynote Session from 10am-12pm, at BU African Studies Center (232 Bay State Rd., rm. 505). It is co-organized with the BU African Studies Center, and the Anthropology Department. The BU Working Group on Land Mortgage and Financial Inclusion studies land mortgage and its regulation in a comparative perspective, exploring how the subject of mortgaging arose in agrarian settings and how it has developed in different countries, regimes, economies, and cultures. The workshop includes presentations by a group of renowned scholars from the United States and Europe, offering interdisciplinary perspectives into land tenure and rural borrowing issues. The workshop is co-organized by Daivi Rodima-Taylor of CFLP and Parker Shipton of the African Studies Center of Boston University. To confirm your attendance, please email to
Rm 505, 232 Bay State Rd