The one-year MAIR program is designed for candidates with substantial prior experience, counted after the date of an undergraduate degree, who wish to complete a graduate-level degree to further advance their careers.

Qualified applicants include those who have substantial professional work experience on international issues and/or in an international environment. The MAIR program is also open to those who have already earned another graduate degree in a related field – such as law, business, public health, political science, economics, etc. – and who are looking to complement that degree with an MA in international relations. In addition, the MAIR program is ideal for U.S. Army officers who are required to complete an MA as part of their training in the FAO Program.

Prospective students who have recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree, or who have limited work experience in the field of international relations, are encouraged to apply to either the MA in International Affairs (MAIA) program or the MA in Global Policy (MGP) program.