MAIA Religion and International Affairs Specialization

The two-year MA in International Affairs (MAIA) with Specialization in Religion and International Affairs explores the ever-evolving nexus of religion and international affairs. This specialization prepares students to work in policy analysis, conflict resolution, and other roles at NGOs, IGOs, and national governments.

Rigorous core classes train students in the fundamentals of international relations scholarship, quantitative research methods, the workings of the global economy, and the practice of diplomacy and negotiation. Specialization coursework includes three required courses in addition to four courses on a specific Religious Tradition, enabling students to develop detailed knowledge in the fields that matter most to them. In addition to coursework within the Pardee School, students can select Religious Tradition courses from the offerings of BU’s Graduate Program of Religion.

Most classes are taught once per year, but some, particularly those outside the Pardee School, may be taught less frequently.