Being Global: A Strategic Plan

Dedicated to the idea of “Advancing Human Progress,” the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University seeks a future with peace that lasts, development that works and knowledge that transforms.

Honoring the vision and generosity of Boston University alumnus Frederick S. Pardee, the Pardee School was established in 2014 and brought together Boston University’s long-standing Department of International Relations as well as seven centers of regional and thematic studies.


Nine strategic goals for the Pardee School.

The intense and collaborative conversation on developing the Pardee School’s vision began with an all-school retreat in 2014, and the process of developing a strategic plan was formalized at the school’s 2015 retreat. Individual units within the school contributed by charting out their own strategic goals and priorities. This became the basis of further refinement in deliberations by a faculty committee, with Pardee School faculty and staff and with university leadership. “Being Global” is a distillation of these ideas; our shared vision about where we want to go, and how we intend to get there.

Our intent is to be truly strategic. We believe we have identified a bold but manageable set of goals that are worth doing and are doable within the five-year framework of this plan. We begin by defining the four areas we want to intellectually excel in: peace, prosperity, policy and place. These become the context for the three ambitions that drive this strategic plan: to be recognized for our intellectual leadership, for providing a world class education and for global engagement. These are further translated into nine strategic goals and a set of 18 measurable objectives.

With our strategic plan, we have tried to succinctly capture the essence of our collective resolve about the future we envision for the Pardee School. It describes the aspirations we have today and will define the actions we take over the next five years.