Schilde Offers Insights on European Defense Industrial Strategy

Kaija Schilde
In a recent discussion featured in the War on the Rocks Newsletter, Kaija Schilde, Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Professor of European Security and Defense at the Pardee School of Global Studies, shared her commentary on the European Commission’s inaugural defense industrial strategy and its potential implications for Europe’s defense capabilities. Alongside five other experts, Schilde provided valuable insights into the European Defense Industrial Strategy (EDIS) and its significance in shaping the continent’s defense landscape.

“The European Defence Industrial Strategy is a continuation of E.U. defense sector integration over the past two decades, which has accelerated since 2014. It formalizes and clarifies existing E.U. market authority to coordinate and incentivize defense markets and industry,” said Schilde.

Moreover, Schilde emphasized the need for additional fiscal outlays and a robust industrial policy aligned with strategic goals to complement the EDIS objectives. She proposed financing options, including repurposing Russian assets or collective EU debt, to support these endeavors.

Schilde’s commentary underscores the critical importance of EDIS in bolstering European strategic autonomy. However, it also highlights the necessity of comprehensive fiscal spending and a robust industrial policy to achieve this goal effectively.

For further insights into the discussion and Schilde’s commentary, please refer to the War on the Rocks Newsletter.

Kaija Schilde’s research and teaching focus on the political economy of security, with a particular emphasis on defense industry politics and the political development of the European Union. As the Jean Monnet Chair in European Security and Defense, Schilde furthers the Pardee School’s agenda of preparing students to meet the international challenges of the 21st century through a rigorous and sustained presentation of the EU as a global power with responsibilities over European security, international order, and global security. Learn more about Professor Schilde on her faculty profile