Garčević Delivers Keynote Address at 23rd BosMUN Conference

Amb. Garčević

Ambassador Vesko Garčević recently graced the 23rd annual Boston University Model United Nations Conference (BosMUN) as the keynote speaker. BosMUN, an undergraduate-led initiative under the auspices of the Boston University International Affairs Association (BUIAA), convened from February 2, 2024 to February 4, 2024, drawing over 2000 delegates from Europe, Asia, and South America.

During his address on February 2, Ambassador Garčević delved into the pivotal role of small states in global affairs and the United Nations. He elucidated that despite inherent challenges, the present era offers unprecedented opportunities for smaller nations. Ambassador Garčević underscored that legal norms of sovereign equality afford small states a significant voice in international organizations, including the UN, which operates on the principle of equality among its members irrespective of size.

With over half of the United Nations’ members classified as small states based on population thresholds, Ambassador Garčević highlighted their considerable presence in global affairs. He asserted that despite their size, small states can wield influence by employing strategic approaches and cultivating a reputation for consistency and credibility.

“Smalls can develop issue-specific power to compensate for what they lack in aggregate structural power,”

Ambassador Garčević remarked, emphasizing the potential of small states to shape global politics through effective engagement and cooperation.

Ambassador Garčević’s thought-provoking address resonated with delegates, offering valuable insights into navigating the complexities of international relations. His participation in the BosMUN conference further solidifies his status as a leading authority in global affairs education, showcasing Boston University’s commitment to nurturing dialogue and understanding among future leaders.

Ambassador Vesko Garčević dealt with issues pertinent to European security and NATO for almost 14 years during his diplomatic career. In 2004, he was posted in Vienna to serve as Ambassador to Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. He was Montenegro’s Ambassador to NATO from 2010 until 2014 and served as Montenegro’s National Coordinator for NATO from 2015 until he joined the faculty at the Pardee School. Learn more about Ambassador Garčević on his faculty profile.