Global Scholars: 2023-2024 Gilman and Keylor Grant Recipients

The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies proudly announces the 2023-2024 recipients of the Gilman Graduate Student Travel Grants and the William R. Keylor Undergraduate Student Travel Grants. These vital programs serve as steadfast pillars of support, enabling graduate and undergraduate scholars to participate in research on an international scale, exemplifying the Pardee School’s dedication to fostering a globally engaged scholarly community and developing citizens of the world.

The Gilman Grant, accessible to all current graduate students, facilitates self-directed research and travel, supporting academic projects such as MA Papers and Capstone endeavors. For undergraduates, the Professor William R. Keylor Travel Grant Program underscores the school’s commitment to nurturing emerging talents. It is evident that their research endeavors hold the potential to reshape our understanding of the world.

Zach Sherman (BA IR ’24), a Keylor recipient with a focus on post-WW2 Nazi immigration patterns to South America, provides insight into his upcoming research in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia: “I will be studying the co-existence of Jewish refugees and former Nazi Officers in Post-War Argentina, building off my summer research project.”

Also joining the cohort of Keylor recipients, Trev Turnbow (BA IR ’24) is poised to explore Australia, Sora Heo (BA IR ’24) embarks on a venture into Kenya, and Alex King (BA IR ’24) sets off on a research journey in Colombia. Among the Gilman Grant recipients, Muhammed Cetinyaka (MA IA) explores Barbados, Mahitha Owk (MA IA) conducts research in Bangladesh, Clare Budin (MA IA) contributes to her thesis in Guatemala, and Rachel Hull (MA IA) investigates South Korea.

Muhammed Cetinkaya, whose thesis is titled, “From Pixels to Policy: Israel’s Public Diplomacy Initiatives in Guyana, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago Through Social Media and AI,” states, “My research focuses on Israel’s concerted efforts to bolster its global reputation in the face of ongoing legitimacy challenges, making it the sole nation consistently under scrutiny.”

Rachel Hull, who works on her thesis, “Seeking to Lead: AI Development in China, U.S. and South Korea,” notes, “I think too often international relations centers around those perceived as the most powerful, but it ignores the agency we all have in shaping the direction of our future.”

The Pardee School’s commitment to empowering scholars transcends borders, providing a platform for students to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, tackle pressing global issues, and contribute meaningfully to international dialogues.

Amidst these exciting academic expeditions, Clare Budin, ahead of her journey to Guatemala, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to her MA thesis: “I am incredibly grateful to the Gilman family and the Pardee School for Global Studies for the opportunity to travel abroad and gather the perspectives of grassroots activists working tirelessly to provide essential resources to their communities.”

As these individuals embark on their journeys, their research endeavors promise to enrich our understanding of the world and advance human progress.

The William R. Keylor Undergraduate Student Travel Fund was established in 2018 in honor of Pardee School Professor Emeritus of International Relations and History William Keylor’s many contributions to Boston University and to the Pardee School — especially to undergraduate education. The fund was established – with an initial contribution from Pardee School Dean’s Advisory Board member Karen Ansara – to support international travel for research by Pardee School undergraduates.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 William R. Keylor Undergraduate Student Travel Grants and the Lynda Gilman Graduate Travel Awards. For more information about travel grants at the Pardee School including on how to apply, click here