Pardee School Announces 2022 Student Award Winners

During its convocation ceremony held on May 21, 2022, the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University honored the achievements of some of this year’s brightest and most talented students with the presentation of multiple academic awards.

Each year, the Pardee School celebrates the very best in academics and citizenship with a range of awards meant to honor the exceptional achievements of its students. During the 2022 Pardee School convocation, eight awards were presented. 

The Carole A. Chandler Student Citizenship Award is the Pardee School’s highest student award and is given each year to recognize the spirit of citizenship and a demonstration of exemplary commitment to the values and mission of the Pardee School of Global Studies. The award, which had two recipients this year, is open to graduate and undergraduate students who have demonstrated exemplary commitment and leadership to the School’s mission while maintaining academic excellence. The 2022 graduate Chandler Citizenship Award was awarded to AlHassan Yehia Hashad (MAIA, Pardee ’22). The undergraduate Chandler Citizenship Award was awarded to Anica Catarina Canon Abaquin (BA IR, Pardee ’22).

The Ambassador Hermann Eilts Thesis Awards are given to the best graduate and undergraduate theses written by students at the Pardee School. The 2022 Eilts Award for the Best Graduate Thesis has been awarded to Danielle Chinoso Soba (MAIA, Pardee ’22). for her thesis “Policy Recommendations: Protecting Public Funds in Nigeria Through the Reform of its Supreme Audit Institution,” which was supervised by Professor Mark Storella.  The 2022 Eilts Award for the Best Undergraduate Honors Thesis was awarded to Joshua Wright (BA IR, Pardee ’22). Under the supervision of Professor Timothy Longman, Joshua’s thesis explored the politics of identity and resistance to human rights in Kenya.

The Pardee School Academic Excellence Awards are given to graduate and undergraduate students who have demonstrated the highest levels of academic excellence in courses taken at the Pardee School. On the graduate level, the Academic Excellence Award was awarded to Sophia Rose Coleman (MGP, Pardee ’22). On the undergraduate level, the Academic Excellence award had three recipients: Anna R. Jensen (BA IR Pardee ’22), Guthrie D. Kuckes (BA IR, Pardee ’22), and Sylvia Ivailova Stoyanova (BA IR, Pardee ’22).

A recording of the convocation awards presentation can be viewed below.

In announcing the awards, Dean Adil Najam stated, “the Pardee School is excited to continue its tradition of honoring the achievement of our students. Congratulations to all our winners. You embody the excellence and passion that the Pardee School seeks to impart in every member of our community. We celebrate your achievement today and recognize that much more awaits all of you as you go out to join the real world.”