GDP Center Hosts Virtual ‘China-West Dialogue’

Ambassador Jorge Heine , Research Professor at the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, and Colin Bradford, Nonresident Senior Fellow of the Global Economy and Development Program at Brooking, hosted a virtual workshop entitled, “China-West Dialogue” on Friday, March 20, 2020 at the Global Development Policy Center.

The “China-West Dialogue” discussion focuses on the future of global governance in the context of Covid-19 and other challenges, such as climate change. The virtual workshop was well attended and featured a keynote introduction by The Right Honourable Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada (2003-06). Paul Martin called on the G20 to tackle climate change and the pandemic, noting that now is not the time to forsake multilateralism.

Attendees of the virtual workshop participated in four panels focused on the current global health and economic crisis; mixed economy pluralism and new political dynamics; towards a 21st century global order; and a wrap up panel on next steps. The participants of the workshop included 19 experts:

*Alan Alexandroff (Canada), Erik Balsbaugh (US), Sergio Bitar (Chile), *Colin Bradford (US), Kerry Brown (UK),  Kevin Gallagher (US), *Jorge Heine (Chile), Iain Johnston (US),* Johannes Linn Germany-US), Paul Martin (Canada), Sandra Polask (US), Eberhard Sandschneider (Germany), Vivien Schmidt US), Michael Swaine (US), Torrey Taussig (US), Susan Thornton (US) ,* Yves Tiberghien (Canada), *Nicolas Veron (EU),  and *Richard Wike (US).

*Founding Members of the China-West Dialogue.

The GDP Center is a university-wide research center affiliated with the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies. The GDP Center’s mission is to advance policy-oriented research for financial stability, human well-being, and environmental sustainability.