Pardee Works: Carr on Women Advancing U.S. National Security

The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University hosted a February 12, 2019 talk with BU alumna Brooke Carr on the role women play in advancing United States national security. The talk was held as part of the school’s Pardee Works series.

Carr, a Recanati-Kaplan fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center, is a U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, served on active duty with the military in Iraq and joined the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2006. Carr was hosted by John D. Woodward, Jr., Pardee School Professor of the Practice of International Relations.

In additions to outlining the contributions women are making to U.S. national security, Carr also discussed her unique experiences as a USAF officer in Iraq in 2004-2005 working counterintelligence cases.

The Pardee Works series focuses on bringing professionals currently working in the diverse field of global studies to present for and network with Pardee School students. In addition to the annual Pardee Works career symposium, recent Pardee Works talks have covered topics including career opportunities at the CIA and DIA, careers with the U.S. Department of Commerce, and careers in the Foreign Service