Pardee School to Host Conference on Muslim Youth

Youth-PosterA two day conference on Youth in the Contemporary Muslim World will be held at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston Univeristy on April 8-9 2015. The international conference will bring togethers experts on different aspects of contemporary youth in the Muslim World, to present their research on subjects ranging from politics to culture to activism to education to radicalization to diasporas.

The conference is sponsored and co-hosted by the Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations; the Institute for Iraqi Studies; the Middle East and North Africa Studies Program; the Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs; the Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies, the Oxford University Center for Islamic Studies, the American Institute for Afghanistan Studies, and the Frederick S. Pardee School for Global Studies.

Poster-Bayat-PardeeThe conference will begins on Wednesday (April 8, 2015) with a keynote address by Dr. Asef Bayat on ‘Muslim Youth and its Politics.’ The keynote address will also be part of the Pardee School Inaugural Year Lecture Series and is open to the public (Details: 4PM at Trustees Ballroom, Boston University; RSVP at

On Thursday (April 9, 2015) a full day of expert panels will include research presentations organized into four panles focusing on issues related to Muslim youth and culture, diasporas, education and activist and radicalization. The panels are by invitation with limited seating (those interested in attending may email at to request a space).

The full program of the confernce is as follows:

Wednesday: April 8, 2015
(4.00-6.30 PM; Trustees Ballroom)

Keynote: Muslim Youth and its Politics
Dr. Asef Bayat (University of Illinois)

Followed by live music and reception

Thursday: April 9, 2015
(9.00 AM -5.30 PM; Pardee School, 121 Bay State Road)

Panel 1: The Art and Culture of Dissent (9.00 AM – 10.30 AM)

Manal Al Dowayan (Artist, Saudi Arabia)
Dr. Cynthia Becker (Boston University)
Dr. Pascal Menoret (NYU Abu Dhabi)
Dr. Doreen Lee (Northeastern University)
Dr. Margaret Litvin (Boston University)

Panel 2: Muslims in the West (11.00 AM – 12.30 PM)

Dr. Asma Mustafa (Oxford Univeristy)
Dr. Lance Laird (Boston University)
Qais Akbar Omar (Afghan Novelist)
Dr. Noora Lori (Boston University)

Panel 3: Education and Activism (2.00 PM – 3.30 PM)

Dr. Kevin Harris (Princeton University)
Dr. Linda Herrera (University of Illinois)
Beth Murphy (Principle Pictures)
Dr. Brian Moore (United Nations)
Dr. Betty Anderson (Boston University)

Panel 4: Youth Radicalization (4.00 PM – 5.30 PM)

Dr. Bernard Ruugier (Sciences-Po, Paris)
Dr. Moeed Yusuf (US Institute of Peace)
Dr. Ahmet Yukleyen (Istanbul Commerce University)
Dr. Eric Davis (Rutgers University)
Dr. Malik Dahlan (University of Cambridge)