Global Health Politics Workshop: Fall 2022

September 26, 2022

“Does Democracy Reduce Health Inequalities? Evidence from Africa”
Carmen Ho, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Guelph

October 17, 2022

“A Living Legacy: Transnational Sisterhood & HIV+ Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Organizing”
Jallicia Jolly, Assistant Professor of American Studies & Black Studies, Amherst College

November 7, 2022

“International Debt, Austerity, and Decolonization of Post-Pandemic Global Health”
James Pfeiffer, Professor of Global Health and Anthropology, University of Washington

December 5, 2022

“Dying to Count: Post-Abortion Care & Global Reproductive Health Politics in Senegal”
Siri Suh, Associate Professor of Sociology, Brandeis University