Faculty Research Fellows Preston and Zaman’s Center on Forced Displacement Featured in The Brink

The new University-wide Center on Forced Displacement (CFD), founded by Pardee Center Faculty Research Fellows Carrie Preston and Muhammad Zaman, was recently featured in an article in The Brink. CFD fosters interdisciplinary research and engagement on the forced displacement of tens of millions of people due to war, persecution, climate change, and other disasters.

“Forcibly displaced people often are very vulnerable and have no way of getting their voices heard,” said Prof. Zaman. “We need new technology, we need ethical guidelines for new technologies, we need new solutions across the board.”

Read the article in The Brink here.

The mission of CFD is closely related to Preston and Zaman’s work as Pardee Center Faculty Research Fellows, where they lead a project exploring U.S. border externalization and policies designed to prevent migrants from reaching the U.S. border and requesting asylum. In particular, they seek to understand the longer-range impacts of these policies on both migrant and host communities, with a focus on youth.