Pardee Center Announces 2022 Graduate Summer Fellows

The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future is pleased to announce its 2022 Graduate Summer Fellows. These eight outstanding Boston University graduate students represent five different schools or colleges and eight different academic departments.

Starting May 31, the Graduate Summer Fellows will spend 10 weeks developing research papers to be considered for publication as part of the Pardee Center’s publication series. In addition, Summer Fellows will participate in programs designed to advance interdisciplinary research and learning with Pardee Center staff, affiliated faculty, visiting researchers, and other invited guests.

The 2022 Graduate Summer Fellows are:

Bahar Aldanmaz, GRS, PhD, Sociology
With a transnational feminist lens, Bahar will explore how distinct menstruation actors’ behaviors, attitudes, and decisions shape and distort the social process of “doing” menstruation.
Rebecca Bowman, Pardee School, Master’s, International Affairs – Appleton Schneider Fellow*
Rebecca will evaluate the peacebuilding process and analyze the effects of Brexit and its conditions on the established peace and divisions within Northern Ireland.
Ateeb Gul, GRS, PhD, Religion
Ateeb will investigate the ways in which the issue of the age of ‘A’isha bint Abi Bakr at the time of her marriage to Prophet Muhammad shapes public attitudes towards child marriages, as well as child marriage legislation and policy, in Pakistan today.
Gizem Kaftan, GRS, PhD, Political Science
Gizem will analyze the backsliding of women’s and LGBTQ+ rights in Poland and Hungary and explore the European Union’s response.
Trevor Lamb, GRS, PhD, Anthropology
Trevor will examine how ancient plant remains can help identify the types of plants eaten by Alaska Natives before colonialism disrupted traditional ways of eating and their access to plant foods.
Megan Lang, SPH, MPH, Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Megan will work on a global landscape of vaccine hesitancy and implications for future interventions.
Benjamin Levine, SSW/SPH, Master’s/MPH, Social Work/Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Benjamin will study tiny homes combined with pre-constructed buildings as a solution to urban affordable housing needs.
Josefina Senese, Wheelock, PhD, Educational Studies
Josefina will examine the literature’s definitions of competition under school choice policies, such as charter schools, interdistrict choice, vouchers, etc.

More information about the Pardee Center Graduate Summer Fellows Program and previous Summer Fellows can be found here.

*Each year, a master’s student is designated the Appleton Schneider Fellow in honor of BU Alumnus Appleton Schneider, who provided a bequest to the Pardee Center endowment to support the Graduate Summer Fellows program.