Janetos Gives Talk on National Climate Assessment at Weather and Climate Summit

Pardee Center Director Prof. Anthony Janetos recently attended the Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit in Breckenridge, CO, where he gave a talk on the results of the 4th US National Climate Assessment (NCA4). The Assessment, on which Prof. Janetos was one of many contributing authors, was completed in November 2018, providing the most thorough and authoritative report on climate change and its impacts in the United States to date. Prof. Janetos’ talk also focused on the history and process of scientific assessments, climate impacts and adaptation, and public communication.

The summit is an annual event established in 1985 to bring together climate scientists and researchers with broadcast meteorologists. The intention of the meeting is to foster communication and collaboration between scientists and the media, and to ultimately improve science communication to the public.

Prof. Janetos’ talk, along with the rest of the summit, was streamed live on YouTube. His talk can be viewed in the window above, beginning at around the 2:58 mark.