Principal Investigator

Prof. Roberto Paiella
Ph.D., 1998 California Institute of Technology
M.S., 1994 Columbia University
B.S., 1993 Columbia University
617 353 8883
PHO 529

Current Group members

Yuyu Li
(PhD Candidate)
B.S. Shandong University (China) M.S. UMass Boston (U.S.A)
M.S. Boston University (U.S.A)
617 358 3385
PHO 510

Jianing Liu
(PhD Student)
B.S. Harbin Intsitute of Technology (China)
617 358 3385
PHO 510

Abdullah Gok
(PhD Candidate)
B.S. Bilkent University (Turkey)
M.S. Bilkent University (Turkey)
617 358 3385
PHO 510

Past PhD Group members

Xiaowei Wang (Ph.D. 2020)
Thesis title:
Light-Emission Engineering Based on Active Strain Tuning in Nanomembranes and Photonic Metasurfaces
Post-group occupation: OmniVision

Leonard Kogos (Ph.D. 2019)
Thesis title:
Directional Light Emitters and Image Sensors Based on Plasmonic Metasurfaces
Post-group occupation: Neural Dynamics Technologies LLC

Habibe Durmaz (Ph.D. 2016)
Thesis title:
Terahertz and Mid-Infrared Photodetectors Based on Intersubband Transitions in Novel Material Systems
Post-group occupation: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Asst. Prof.) - Turkey

Khwanchai Tantiwanichapan (Ph.D. 2016)
Thesis title:
Graphene on Nanoscale Gratings for THz Electron-Beam Radiation and Plasmonics
Post-group occupation: National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) - Thailand

Jian Yin (Ph.D. 2016)
Thesis title:
Novel Optoelectronic Devices for Mid-Infrared Applications: From Intersubband Thermophotovoltaic Detectors to Germanium Nanomembrane Light Emitters
Post-group occupation: RayVio

Cicek Boztug (Ph.D. 2014)
Thesis title:
Tensiley strained Germanium Nano-Membranes for Infra-Red light emitting devices
Post-group occupation: TED University - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Asst. Prof.) - Turkey

Jeff Dimaria (Ph.D. 2013)
Thesis title:
Plasmonic Control of Light Emission for Enhanced Efficiency and Beam Shaping
Post-group occupation: Cree

Faisal Sudradjat (Ph.D. 2012)
Thesis title:
Terahertz Optoelectronic Devices Based on Intersubband Transitions in III-Nitride Semiconductors
Post-group occupation: RayVio

John Henson (Ph.D. 2011)
Thesis title:
Plasmonic Enhancement Engineering of Semiconductor Light Emitters
Post-group occupation: Philips Lumileds

Kristina Driscoll (Ph.D. 2009)
Thesis title:
Novel Nitride and Silicon-Based Quantum Structures for Intersubband Light Emitting Devices
Post-group occupation: Cambridge University(Prof. R. Friend's group)

Yan Li (Ph.D. 2008)
Thesis title:
Ultrafast All-Optical Switching Based on Intersubband Transitions in GaN/AlN Quantum-Well Waveguides
Post-group occupation: Finisar Corporation

Past Masters Group Members

Past Undergraduate Group Members

Sergei Posnov
(Senior Design 2019)

Yunfeng Zhou
(Summer Research 2018)

Lauren Strong
(NSF REU 2015,2016 & 2017)

Jidapa Sodwatana - (BU UROP 2014)

John Chaiyasarikul - (BU UROP 2012-13)

Shayla Melo - (BU UROP 2011-12)

David Hutchinson - (NSF REU 2009)

Steven Searcy - (NSF REU 2008)

Ayah Massoud - (NSF REU 2007)