Jennica Artica portrait

Jennica Artica

West Palm Beach, FL

About Me:

  • Title: Program Coordinator
  • School/College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Major/Minor: Undeclared
  • Graduation Year: 2024
  • Are you a first-generation student? No
  • Are you a transfer student? No
  • Are you an international student? No

How has it been living with a roommate?

My experience with living with a roommate has been a lot of fun! I am the first person in my family to be attending Boston University, and coming from Florida, I did not know anyone else also attending Boston University with me. So, in terms of who my roommate was going to be, I had no clue. I decided to just let Boston University Housing pair me up with a roommate and hope for the best. Honestly, I could not have been happier with their choice. Me and my roommate get along really well, and we share some common interests too. We both really love the Fall season and enjoy listening to rock music. We’ve also shared some great experiences exploring Boston together, as we have gone to the Boston Common park, Newbury Street, Brookline Avenue, and have had dinner at all kinds of food places located in Boston. We both are taking the infamous Chemistry 101 course as Boston University first-year students, and we provide each other a support system to push through as well as someone to relate to when schoolwork becomes overwhelming. Living with a roommate and having such amazing experiences with her has made the transition to college that much easier.  To be able to talk to my roommate about navigating the first year of college while in a pandemic has been really healthy mentally, and besides school, being able to share enjoyable experiences around Boston has not only added awesome moments the college experience, but also gotten me a new friend to hopefully make new memories with in the future.

How have your classes been? Are they better in-person or online?

Generally speaking, my classes have been an interesting time. The year of 2020 has been chaotic, to say the least, and the transition to college classes as a first-year student has been a unique experience as a result. My professors for online classes have been understanding to the fact that this shift to a virtual college experience is difficult and many people are still figuring things out. With that being said, my professors have all tried to make online classes as concise as possible. Classes can get overwhelming in the amount of work received but I have met a lot of other students through these classes and managed to make supportive and helpful groups in order to get through it. For example, most of the girls on my floor are taking the infamous chemistry 101, so we’ve created study groups to help each other understand the concepts. In that way, my classes have allowed me to make some connections with other people. Personally, I prefer in-person classes because I think in-person classes gives more a genuine college idea of the professors and fellow students.  A positive aspect of online classes that I will admit is I do not have to get up early to attend online classes as opposed to in-person. I can wake up 15 minutes before class starts and just log in to Zoom, which is nice because it gives me more time to sleep in. Nonetheless, I think classes are better in-person because its easier to meet new people and the concepts themselves while an in-person professor is teaching them just seem to make more sense.