Chloe Lankford drinking from a mug

Chloe Lankford

Las Vegas, NV

About Me:

  • Title: Program Coordinator
  • School/College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Major/Minor: Chemistry major with a Biology minor
  • Graduation Year: 2021
  • Are you a first-generation student? No
  • Are you a transfer student? No
  • Are you an international student? No

How have your classes been? Are they better in-person or online?

I would say that my classes have been going pretty decently and I am enjoying what I am learning in them. Since my professors had to conduct the last half of the Spring 2019 semester remotely, they were all well-prepared to teach in this hybrid LfA format and effectively designed their courses with both remote and in-person students in mind. I have also been better equipped to learn in this hybrid model after adapting to remote learning in the spring. As a result, I would say my classes have been going smoothly, with only a few technical hiccups along the way. I would also say that my classes going well so far has been due to a little bit of luck. My professors all teach with PowerPoint presentations, which are a little bit easier to teach over Zoom than classes that use a black board or white board. I don’t mind online classes, but I do think I prefer in-person classes. Classes and discussions that are related to my major, chemistry, I have found better to be in-person because following along with the professor as they work through problems on the board have been more helpful for me than following those problems on a PowerPoint slide. In-person classes also allow me to interact better with my peers. When classes are in-person, I am able to interact with them more and we can help each other with topics we may get confused about more readily than we can online. However, lecture classes, where the professor lectures on information in a slideshow have the same effect for me in-person or online.

How are you taking care of yourself right now?

Right now, I am just trying to listen to myself and be aware of what my needs are to best take care of myself. This includes the daily tasks like trying to get a good amount of sleep, eating healthy (for the most part), and trying to get some type of regular exercise. It also includes the small things I may need, such as a break from doing work even if I have a long to-do list or eating a brownie if I’m craving it or watching Tik Toks when I need something to make me laugh. These small things can be just as important for self-care as the bigger things. I also try to be especially aware of my self-care related needs during this unprecedented time with Covid-19 as I spend a lot of time alone in my room in an effort to limit my interactions with others and stay safe. I try to get some type of fresh air every day, whether that’s through running errands or going for a quick walk. I also try to connect with one of my friends or family members every day whether that’s through talking with them over FaceTime or sending a quick text asking about their day or even sending them a funny video (right now these are usually Tik Toks and I usually send them way too many). Doing all of these self-care things helps make me feel physically and mentally healthy and prepared for my classes and work while also staying connected to the people in my life.