Adam Shamsi sitting on stone structure

Adam Shamsi

Lawrenceville, GA

About Me:

  • Title: Program Coordinator
  • School/College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Major/Minor: Political Science
  • Graduation Year: 2024
  • Are you a transfer student? No
  • Are you a first-generation student? No
  • Are you an international student? No

How has it been living with a roommate?

I have had a good time living with my roommate. I first met him on Instagram, and we started messaging each other from there. Eventually, we requested each other to be roommates. I did not know what exactly to expect. I have always had my own room and never really shared a living space for that long. I was nervous that we might not get along and that somehow our personalities would not match. However, my overthinking was just that. When we meet in person, we got a long from the start. Sometimes we have minor disagreements (whose turn is it to clean the bathroom or forgetting to clip the bag of chips). Though, overall, we have gotten along. It has only been a couple months, but we have already been able to make memories together. We have explored Boston and late-night conversations. I have heard plenty of horror stories of roommates not getting along so I am grateful I am not another one of those stories.

How are you keeping in contact with your friends and family back home? Is it enough?

Mostly I keep in touch with my family by texts and phone calls. We have a family video call about once a week. Friends are a little bit easier to keep in touch with because we all have social media. Seeing what they post on snap, Instagram, or wherever else lets me keep up with what’s happening in their lives and its easy to jump back into conversations with them without skipping a beat. I have kept myself very busy here in college so I understandably have not been talking to my family or friends as much as I may have thought I would. That is not necessarily a bad thing though. I am glad I have been able to branch out and meet new people and start to form a new circle of friends. I know I will see all my old friends and my family soon during winter break so I cling to that as I move through the semester.