Ryan Rimple

Ryan Rimple

Northampton, PA

About Me:

  • Title: Program Coordinator
  • School/College: CAS
  • Major/Minor: Biochemistry
  • Graduation Year: 2021
  • Where have you lived on campus? South Campus and Baystate Rd.
  • Are you a transfer student? Yes

How was my transition to BU?

I was a transfer to BU my sophomore spring semester and had a rough start to my transition to BU. When I first moved into campus my roommate I was initially going to be rooming with had the apartment in disarray and there was no chance I would be able to start my time at BU in that apartment. South Residence Life and BU Housing were very accommodating with my situation and were able to switch me out of that apartment that day into a better rooming situation. After the rough start with housing and the cold weather, I started finding my place at BU and discovering my love for BU. I started getting more involved with my courses and major, and found a community within the Community Service Center at BU. People able to involve myself at BU as a transfer made it possible to find my new home with people and at the university.

What do I like about my job on campus and why it is important to me?

Through the 2019-2020 academic year I served with the Community Service Center (CSC) as the Transportation and Logistics Program Manager and gained a lot of professional and personal growth from the experience, and with that a new perspective and appreciation for the greater Boston community. Working for the CSC as a program manager I was able to assist with the many amazing programs that serve the greater Boston community that BU students can partake in, from Afterschool tutoring to student food rescue to food deserts. My direct responsibility while working there was to help increase the accessibility of the community partners for our volunteers by providing means for transportation to and from the locations. Along with increasing accessibility for our volunteers I assisted the program manager teams with their programs such as alternative service breaks, first year student outreach program (where I also participated as a staff leader), and our many other fantastic programs the CSC offers. Community service has always been important to me and I truly believe in serving the community and being there for those who need it the most in our community. My time at the CSC as a program manager has been an amazing experience and I hope to continue serving the community through the CSC at BU. I encourage anyone who is interested to check out all the great programs they offer and serve the greater Boston community!

Why I decided to go to BU?

I decided to transfer to BU actually over the summer into my sophomore year but of course was not able to transfer in the fall due to the passed deadline to apply. I applied through my fall semester at my past school and came in the spring semester. The things I struggled with in loving my past school BU had, from larger student body to amazing research labs. I study Chemistry with a focus in Biochemistry and Boston is an amazing location for pharmaceuticals, and BU was an amazing choice to help prepare me for my career path. BU’s great research labs and extensive STEM coursework made it a no-brainer that it would suit my academic needs perfectly while also providing a large and diverse student body to suit my individual needs. Since coming to BU I have been able to grow academically from taking advanced lab courses to graduate level chemistry courses, and have been able to grow as a person while also developing myself professionally.

What is my dream job?

My dream job is to work within the pharmaceutical industry and work on studying different metabolic pathways with proteins to create better drugs for various diseases. Along with this I want to be able to provide these life saving drugs at affordable prices as I believe the pharmaceutical industry should not be allowed to charge large amounts of money for necessary drugs. I want to be able to work and produce live saving drugs at an affordable cost so people do not have to worry each month if they will be able to afford medicine they need over food for the month. I want to be able to still serve my community while also advancing my knowledge of biochemical pathways and protein chemistry.