Madison Imoto

Madison Imoto

Kāne’ohe, Hawai’I

About Me:

  • Title: Program Coordinator
  • School/College: COM
  • Major/Minor: Media Science; Minor: French
  • Graduation Year: 2022
  • Where have you lived on campus? Warren Towers & Myles Standish Hall
  • Are you a transfer student? No

Have you changed your major? If so, why? How did changing your major affect your life?

When I started college, I was an International Relations major with a French minor. I immediately disliked my classes because I didn’t find them interesting or engaging, which made it even harder to keep up or want to do the homework that we were assigned. It was just not the right fit for me. So, the following summer, I took a COM class, but the next semester I was still an International Relations major. After one week of still dreading these classes, I dropped all my International Relations related courses and changed them to COM classes instead. It all happened within an hour. At first, although I was extremely nervous about this drastic and somewhat impulsive decision to change majors, it was something that I needed to do. Now as a Media Science major, I enjoy my classes and doing my homework. It fulfilled something that I hoped to find in college.

What is your favorite course? Why?

French is one of my passions, which is why it is my minor. My favorite course is French through Film and Media (CAS LF 308) because I learn about French culture in more depth. We learn about different social issues in France by watching French movies, which is a really unique way to learn because the visual elements of a movie add to a deeper understanding of the culture. This class teaches us about the culture outside of the stereotypical France that is typically portrayed in media.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

I have a passion for learning French. Because I changed majors from International Relations to Media Science, I was unsure about how I could finish the credits for my major, minor and the HUB in addition to studying abroad. Eventually, I figured it out by talking to my academic advisors and creating a loose plan for the credits I needed to fulfill. So, if you are passionate about something, find a way to make it work.

What is the most important lesson you learned since starting college?

The most important lesson that I learned is how to be my own person by making decisions that are right for me. Though it is easy to compare yourself to others, especially your peers, I try not to because everyone’s experience in college and in life in general is going to be different. So just because someone is on the E-Board for 3 different clubs and has 5 internships, it does not mean that you have to do the same things.