Featured Projects

BUworks is the vernacular for a complex multi-year project that will replace the University’s legacy financial, human resource, payroll and procurement systems.  It began in 2008 as an investment in the future of Boston University with a central goal to create a system infrastructure that will support efficient business processes.  It aims to create a system that fulfills our current business needs while being flexible enough to serve the University for years to come.  The Project Executive is Peter Smokowski, and to learn more about this project please visit the website at BUworks.

100BSRThe Center for Student Services at 100 Bay State Road is a $65 million dollar construction project located on the corner of Bay State Road and Deerfield Street in the heart of the East Campus bordering Kenmore Square.  Expected to open in Fall 2012, this six-story 120,000 sq ft structure will link complementary academic support, advising, and career development programs, currently scattered throughout the campus, into a single facility.  It will also include a new 1000 seat dining hall replacing three undersized and outdated locations in the East Campus area – creating a destination and central hub of student activity.  The Project Executive is Walt Meissner, and to learn more please visit the project website at Student Center.

815AlbanySchool of Medicine Student Residence at 815 Albany Street is a nine-story $40 million renovation project with 104 two-bedroom suites that include bath, kitchenette and living spaces accommodating 208 students, each with individual bedrooms, the standard for graduate student housing. Expected to open in summer 2012 and greatly enhancing the housing options for our medical student community.  The Project Executive is Michael Donovan, and to learn more please visit the project website.