Boston University Online Education – Student Link

The Student Link is an online resource available to all Boston University students with a BU login name and a valid Kerberos password. The website contains useful information for incoming students as well as continuing students, providing access to academic records, financial aid, and job listings, among other necessities. The Link allows enrolled students to obtain their personal records at BU, including schedules, transcripts, and University class schedule information.

Access Student Link

Log in to Student Link by visiting from any web browser.

Navigate Student Link

Click a tab to enter that area of the Student Link. If you encounter any technical problems when using Student Link, or if you have questions, call the Link Support Line at 617-353-LINK (5465).

What can I do on Student Link?

The following is a short list of some of the information you may request, access, and update on Student Link. The complete list is available in Basics/What’s on the Student Link and Index.


The Academics tab is your guide to your academic records and University schedule information.

  • View the list of courses for which you are registered by selecting Current Schedule.
  • View a comprehensive list of courses you have taken at Boston University by selecting Classes.
  • View your grades by selecting Grades.
  • Print an unofficial copy of your transcript by selecting Transcript Preview and Ordering.
  • Select University Class Schedule to browse or search the entire list of Boston University course offerings by semester and college.

Money Matters

The Money Matters tab is your guide to your financial records at Boston University, including student accounts and financial aid information.

  • View and pay your tuition balance by selecting Student Account Inquiry.
  • Check the status of a financial aid request by selecting Your Financial Aid.
  • Read about financial aid options by selecting General Financial Aid Information.


The Personal Information tab provides access to your personal information such as name, addresses, picture, and any data restrictions on your information, as recorded by the University.

  • View and update your address, phone number, and emergency contact information by selecting Address and Phone. You can update this information online.
  • Personal Profile is a summary of your personal information, such as birth date, gender, ethnicity, marital status, religion, and information on country of origin for foreign students.
  • View the University’s record of your name by selecting Identification (your name). The name will be displayed for 10 seconds for confidentiality. If the name is incorrect or has been changed, this page provides you with a phone number for the Registrar’s office, where it can be changed.
  • To restrict public access your data at Boston University, select Directory Information.


Provides you with information to successfully navigate the Student Link, including setting up email accounts and passwords.


This is a list in alphabetical order of every function that is on the Student Link. It links directly to the functions it describes.