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BU Online Distance Education programs

Is Online Education Right for You?

Boston University Online offers an exciting and convenient way to learn, and we hope that you will join us as you pursue your studies. Before you enroll, you should be sure that online learning is the right solution for you. We’ve created a short questionnaire to help you find out. The results are for you only and should help you decide if you wish to study online at Boston University.

When you have answered all nine questions, add up the score by clicking the "Calculate Your Survey" button at the end of the questionnaire.

  1. To me, having face-to-face contact with my instructor and other students is:
  2. As a student, I:
  3. Estimate your comfort level with using a computer to learn and participate in a course:
  4. Estimate your comfort level with corresponding and discussing coursework online with your instructor and fellow students:
  5. When an instructor hands out instructions for an assignment, I prefer:
  6. When it comes to assessing my own progress, I:
  7. I am interested in enrolling in an online course because:
  8. Considering my professional and personal schedule, the amount of time I can dedicate to an online course is:
  9. My personal and professional schedule is:

What does your score mean?

Total of 23-27 points:

You are a good candidate for online study.

Total of 17-22 points:

You could be a successful online student.

Total of 16 points or below:

You might be more successful in a traditional classroom environment.