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A bridge to opportunity

CommonWealth Magazine

Karen Antman

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In 2014, the opioid crisis passed two critical local milestones: Massachusetts’ fatal opioid overdose rate rose to more than double the national average; and the city of Boston lost an addiction recovery facility on Long Island, when the crumbling 63-year-old bridge to the island was condemned and closed.

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How the World’s Biggest Companies Are Fine-Tuning the Robot Revolution

The Wall Street Journal 

James Bessen

A few years ago, Roland Rösch’s job involved grabbing scalding-hot auto parts from an oven and inspecting them for signs they had failed a safety test.

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“Automation like that at the Spartanburg plant has enabled a huge increase in the quality and variety of products, which help spur consumer demand.”

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Trump boasts of foreign policy achievements as domestic agenda stalls


Tom Whalen

After a week in which he made some of the most dramatic foreign policy moves of his presidency, President Donald Trump declared Thursday that “America is respected again,” but critics say his record on international affairs is still incomplete and a lack of focus on domestic matters could prove costly in November.

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“I guess you could say that foreign policy is front and center for him right now, but he has one eye on domestic politics, in particular his own precarious position in the polls,” 

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